What to expect in a Hypnosis session
Hypnosis is a very deep form of relaxation.   During which you will hear everything I say to you, whilst feeling very pleasantly relaxed.  It is when you are in a relaxed state, similar to the way we feel just before going to sleep, that your unconscious mind becomes receptive to the positive suggestions that I will put into it for your benefit. 

I will also take a full case history from you.  We will discuss the number of sessions I think you will need, which are usually between 3 and 6 and dispel any fears you may have.   This will then be followed by a hypnosis session.  

The first session will last about 1   - 1 1/2hrs and subsequent sessions will be for 1 hour.

Some facts about Hypnotherapy
Nobody can ever be hypnotised against their will

Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe

Hypnosis is not sleep. Whilst the body enters a state of relaxation, the mind is still very much awake.

Hypnosis is a partnership between the therapist and the patient

You will remember afterwards what has happened during hypnosis
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